Hello. We're Transportas. We offer creative project logistics.

We believe that good ideas can move everything, regardless of weight, size, specialness, or schedule. And that across the globe, over waves, clouds and rails.

That’s why all our journeys start with the perfect roadmap. We love thinking outside the box, even when sending a standard container. We always go the extra mile, take the long way if necessary, and are one step ahead when it comes to eco-friendly transportation. Our creativity and expertise enable us to find the ideal individual solution that not only gets your goods moving but also your company. If you’re ready to find out the best possible way for your delivery, let’s go.

Claudio Blasizzo, CEO Transportas

We create customized transportation.

We turn every »can’t« into a »can« and every »no« into a »go«. We don’t rest until we find a solution to reach our goals – your goals. And if we can’t find a way, we create one: our comprehensive experience, endless curiosity, and direct contact with decision-makers in the airline, shipping, and rail sectors have enabled us and our team to master every challenge so far. Every project deserves its own perfectly forged plan. Because the only standard you will find with us is our high level of quality.

Got deliveries? We´ve got it.

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We fly, we ship, we take the train.

What’s the best way for your transport?

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We think green.

There is always a greener way to the goal.

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